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A few days to heal.

Yesterday I got my psychology lab report back. I got an RR which means I had to rewrite it. That's a little frustrating, and it's also my task for the day tomorrow along with a journal for TRW.
My laptop couldn't get on the network, so I had to hand it over to computing services yesterday and didn't have it all day.
Mom came down since I didn't have any cash and wanted to get a flu shot. Before she got here, I had a smoothy from the coffee shop and had lunch with a few friends.
The flu shot wasn't too bad when you consider it wash a shot. I'm only a little sore in the arm today.
Mom brought Baxter and he and Julio were really excited to see each other. They both got some play time and all that good junk. I ended up with a scrape on my elbow before it was all over though.
Julio and I didn't have any trouble with the Whitby route yesterday which was a plus. Then we went to dinner.
The following interaction may say more about me than I'd like:
Me: "I'm sorry I'm out of it today."
Friend: "This is the most relaxed I've seen you. You don't seem out of it."
Me: "I'm out of it, that's probably why I'm calm."
I got plenty of sleep last night which was also a plus.
This morning I got to chat while I had breakfast. It's nice when you don't have to sit alone.
In psychology, I found out I got an 88% on the psych test which was better than I expected.
Then I had a mobility lesson in which we worked on the new route for PT because it's not where we thought it was.
I had lunch with friends, then went to TRW. TRW was really neat. We worked with a really cool lady. She's a dancer and she came to help us experience art and the asthetic through movement. She talked to us about authentic movement and then we got a chance to experience it. In authentic movement, you don't worry about what it looks like. The mover closes her eyes and moves however she feels led to move. You listen to your body and just move how you feel led. The witness watches this and also keeps the mover safe. I was the mover first. I worked with our instructor (although in this case, there really isn't a hierarchy since there are only two of you in the room that matter while you're doing this). Actually, really you may not even notice your witness. Mine either didn't move or moved so quietly that I didn't hear her move at all. I was the mover for 15 minutes. It felt good to move. I could make up my own movements. I knew there was no right or wrong way to move. I also didn't have to worry about where I was moving to since if I was going to run into something, my witness would have stopped me. I have not really been able to all out dance for two and a half years since I first injured my foot. Even in that situation, there were certain steps. As a blind person, I am always constantly putting a check on my movements since I never know if I will hit someone or something. I've always felt this need to check movement. But in this exercise, I got 15 minutes to just move how I wanted with no restrictions. It was amazing. Then we drew for five minutes and then talked about our experiences. I have my drawing in my room now. Then, we switched places. Then, I was the witness. Normally, I don't feel other people as they move. It is kind of a taboo in my world. I was kind of uncomfortable with the idea, but still willing to try it. So she started lying on her side, and did movements in either a laying or sitting or nealing position. Sometimes she directed my hands to what she wanted me to see, and sometimes I directed my hands. It is hard to describe this properly; it probably sounds strange. But it was the first time I have seen someone else dance. It was so cool. It's hard to describe it. I know I can't even come close to doing it justice with my words. What a gift to experience movement this way.
In French, I did pretty well. Things made sense and clicked again. It's amazing what having a chance to work on things before class like the other students do does for one's comprehension.
I got a hot chocolate on the way back from class. Now, I'm sitting here, feeling pretty good.
I'm slightly sore, but it's doable. Today is the first day of 300 Millograms of Neurontin. I haven't taken the last pill of the day, but so far, so good.

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