Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Just a little update

I know I'm having trouble coming up with creative subject lihnes. That's probably okay though.
Yesterday wasn't too bad although I was kind of out of it. The psychology test was okay. I'm not sure how well I did.
In TRW we wrote poetry and talked about how that can be used to heal. I liked it a lot. I always find that writing helps no matter how you feel.
French was okay although I kept having issues. It would be nice if I had remembered how to conjugate avoir, especially since I've known that since year 1.
After that I came back here and did stuff and managed to sleep through dinner. I went to a stress busters workshop then went to the pulse and got Grilled cheese.
Came back here and chatted with people a bit then went to bed.
I feel a little better today. I think some of this is because I slept a lot and some of this is unexplainable. Either way, I'm grateful for the energy. The pain is a bit sharp today. We'll see how I hold up.

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