Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

A not very unconventional post

I got back from convention a couple hours ago and I've just been soaking up the nice feeling of being home. I never thought I'd actually feel that way about the dorms, but I do and it's nice.
Friday night we watched a great movie with lots of fun one and two liners and great interactions between the characters. Just when you thought you could predict the plot, something new would happen. It was great! The humor involved was also enjoyable!
We hung out in the hospitality room for a while and headed off to bed. The alarm went off at 5:30 instead of 6:30 due to some technical difficulties. That made for a long day yesterday. It was hard to want to get out of bed because the bed at the hotel was so comfy. Plus, I had tons of pillows to elevate my foot and I was able to prop it in a way that kept it from rubbing the sheets too much. Also, the foot is feeling better, probably a 3 on the pain scale as supposed to a 7 or higher depending on what's happening. Hopefully, the steroid in the injection will help. I've been down this road before although not with this intensity.
Mom went out to get us coffees and then we had breakfast in the meeting. I was pretty bored for the meeting part in the morning. I honestly don't really remember a lot because I was reading a great book on my BrailleNote. At lunch we went to Taste of India which was pretty good.
They did a short yoga thing in the afternoon. There was only one standing exercise and the rest were in a chair. That was nice and it helped me relax a bit.
There were exhibits at which I saw some freinds and bought a tupperware mug (not at the same booth though). I also observed how a GPS really works.
Hung out for a while and then went to the banquet. I liked the food although I did have to have mom help me cut the bief. They had this great raspberry mousse stuff which I loved.
I won a Humanware waterbottle stuffed with candy. I figured that was appropriate since I practi cally live and breathe the BrailleNote.
More chatting in the hospitality room followed. I was feeling a bit dizzy so Mom stayed with me again last night.
The highlight of this morning's proceedings was a session of intense petting of Guide Dogs It's actually called healing touch. It seemed interesting. I also found out that it works on the same energy points as acupuncture which is good to know.
After being "stuck" with me for a weekend michael_m and Patti still hung out with me at lunch today. We had a blast or at least I did.
Then Mom and Dad and I went to Brewberries and then back here.
I just read an article in The New Yorker about RSD. Nothing really new there for me. A few of the studies and stuff I hadn't heard of, but I knew of the concepts found in those studies. One study was way way too drastic for me.
I may go to dinner soon. I'm hungry again.

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