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I have a lot to write right now 'cause I just do, and since my laptop keeps randomly going into hybernate

mode for no apparent reason, I'm writing this in Notepad.
I think maybe the button the screen touches when it shuts has a short. It seems to anyway. I wonder if

disabling the hybernate mode option would help? I could try it. Maybe I'll do that real quick.
I was really frazzled this morning. Basically there were several things:

  1. People kept calling, some telemarketers, some insurance people, the eye doctor and my mom. I

    don't know why, but that was ticking me off.

  2. I had things I wanted and needed to do and the interuptions were annoying me to death

  3. I couldn't and still can't find the hamburger hot dish I was supposed to warm up for dinner. Why do

    left overs have to reak when you open the container?

But I read for a while and then took a bath (I can't take showers because standing on my foot hurts.).

That helped quite a bitI created another quiz on quizilla, but it's so stupid you probably shouldn't take it,

but you can if ya wanna:
Click here if you dare
KTIS is going to have Rebecca St. James on live, and she's coming to the fair tonight. I kinda wish I'd

asked mom to get me tickets, but that's okay. Maybe I can do my exercises in the pool and come home

and eat dinner, then do something to stay awake until a normal bedtime. I hope I'll be able to sleep well

because I need to be sharp for my O&M lesson.
I'm debating whether to write something, like an article or something just for practice. Maybe I will just

for practice and for fun.

The problem is that i have writers block for anything like an article. Maybe I'll just reflect some more.

Hopefully I can anylize some stuff.

One thing I was thinking about when taking my bath was how I always feel like I shouldn't feel or say

something in my journal. Part of it is that I feel like other people shouldn't have to read my ramblings.

The logical reasoning should say "Then make it private". But if I do it, it's like I won't say what I'm

thinking. It's like I'd lie to myself or just pretend that the feelings don't exist. It's just wierd. Why do I

have this need to appologize to others for the fact that I enjoy journaling? If I was spreading lies and

stuff, that'd be one thing, but I'm not. I'm being perfectly truthful. And yet, I still feel wierd about it. I know

that if someone doesn't wanna read my journal entry they don't have to. So why? I guess it's one of

those impossible questions.
I'm also a little bit nervous about high school. How will it be this year? Will I fit in? Will I connect and

grow more? All of these questions plaig me, but there isn't a way to answer them. I think the best thing I

can do is leave it in God's hands.
Well I'm going to copy and past this into my journal here, so see ya later!



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