Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

More than just a classroom experience!

Things I learned today:

  • Information is not necissarily power. There are things about this tendon problem and RSD I did not want to know that I learned because I was researching.

  • It is not advisable to set an alarm on your BrailleNote and leave said note taker right next to your head without first checking the volume.

  • No matter how hard I try, I cannot stand on my tiptoes to look for something in the closet.

  • I have made friends who like and respect me for who I am.

  • There are helpful people and there are people that will ever make you feel stupid.

  • Some sighted students do actually get it when I say that Julio is not behaving while others would probably think it was cute if he caused me to get killed and they'd pass it off as him having a bad day.

  • Having under-developed tear ducts is a blessing because it allows me to appear to have it together.

  • Having under-developed tear ducts is a curse because I have no way to release emotions if they won't work.

  • Being lost for half an hour does not help my pain level.

  • I am still not beyond stressing out to the point of reaching pre-migraine status.

  • I have a very supportive family and despite the times I am frustrated with them (what teen isn't?) they will come to my rescue if I need them.

  • Sometimes, you just need to use a cane to appreciate how much your dog does for you.

  • Julio still gets happier to see me than many humans.

  • Writing html code by hand to make lists is not hard, but becomes tedious.

  • God still loves me even when I'm a screw up.

  • I still have to remind myself occasionally that I am not a failure when I get lost.

  • It is okay to ask to meet somewhere you can find independently until you figure out why you can't find the other location.

  • Caffene never has and never will make up for actual sleep.


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