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A day that wasn't as bad...

Today wasn't so bad. I thought it was going to be awful to be honest. Psychology was interesting. We talked about consciousness more. We talked about hearing and I had to sit there and point at where people were clapping. That wasn't hard... Accept for one spot. I did better than I thought I would considering the ear infection. Oh, and when I went to the coffee shop, they didn't even ask what I wanted. It was already made... That made me smile. Anyway, back to psychology. We talked about sleep cycles, and it scared me even more because the way our sleep cycle is set up, it's not implausable that I talked to people on MSN in my sleep. That's not exactly comforting. I'm gonna be paranoid about that for a while.
So anyway... The doctor's appointment won't happen until after all of the physical therapy. They called back and said to reschedule. I do still have an injection appointment this week (thank goodness).
I went to lunch at like 11, and I wasn't in a good mood. I went over to the classics line and found out that they had prime rib and baked potatoes. That was awesome! We went to the art gallary on campus and I got to apply the art principals to a sculpture. The director of the gallery worked with us, and I like her a lot. Once she found out I could see color, she took me over to see paintings that were bright. She told me to touch the glass and even put my nose up to it if I needed to to be able to see it. I like her a lot (did I already say that?)
Then I went and took the French test. That was hard!
Now, I'm back here and very very sore from the trip to the gallery. I just want this pain to ease up for even a day. I know I shouldn't let it get to me, but it's hard to try to ignore.

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