Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Just a sketch

The foot wake up system went off at 5:30 this morning. I didn't want to get up. I lazed around and put away the remaining clean laundry from last Sunday then sorted the dirty laundry on my floor into light and dark loads. At 7:30 I made my way over to the Coeur De Catherine. St. Kate's is still sleeping; hardly anyone was out. I saw one person who said good morning. The crisp air bit into me as I walked over to Brewberries on this fall morning. Julio was on his best guiding behavior. He guided me smoothly around all of the pedestrians who walked silently by us. A squirrel scampered above our heads, Julio looked up curiously, but a gentle "hop up" got him going. I didn't really have the pain tolerance to get over here, but somehow, I found some extra. By the time I reached the intersection to cross, the cool stillness had calmed my spirit. Julio made an absolutely perfect left turn so we could cross. His guide work was absolutely flawless across the; we reached the curb before I could even get nervous and he stopped to show it to me. Someone opened the door for me and I smiled. Julio overshot the door again and brought me to the window, so the audible cue was just what I needed. The Acoustic Sunrise played over the radio. I was the only one here. I got my coffee and muffin and sat down. People arrived slowly still in a sleepy Sunday mood. Now, small groups of people sit at tables, adults work on their laptops or read their newspapers, lingering over their coffee. People come in and say hi; I've talked to them before and they know my name. They remind me of theirs too without being asked. The kids color or talk to their parents. Conversations start; people joke with each other freely, but a serious conversation can start too. I smile and contemplate ordering hot chocolate for the road. Someone calls this the Brewberries time warp. I call it "going home away from home."
The walk back was peaceful too. Some would jokingly call this "The Church of the Holy Coffee Cup," I'm not so sure it's a joke though. I don't have a church down here, and these walks are great times for me to talk to God and absorb the peace He gives. It helps me get my heart ready for the day. I don't know how to explain it, but it gives me peace.
Tags: college, guide dogs, my writing

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