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Writing while tired

Today has been a good day so far. It's really nice outside. The sun is shining and it's a reasonable temperature for fall. The day started out interesting, but I think most of the rest of the day will end up being okay.
I'd really like to go to sleep. I need to stay awake, though, until I've eaten dinner. Since I'm sick, I need to make sure I at least attempt to give my body a chance to win. Julio bruised my finger on a table he went under at Brewberries this morning. It doesn't hurt much though it is very very slightly swollen. It looks worse than it hurts.
Acupuncture was pretty good although I couldn't sleep. I was thinking again. I really hope the dream was a fake... all of it. I think I'll explain the dream now. Maybe if I write it down it won't bother me so much.
I dreamed I had the surgery and they knocked me out for it. I was mostly awake when they sent me home, but the part of the brain that gives me social discression was not awake yet. I was in my dorm, talking on instant messenger. I have no idea what I said, but I embarrassed myself somehow. What I hope is that I didn't actually talk to someone on instant messenger when I was asleep last night and embarrass myself. That would be awful. One person I asked said that I did not talk to them in my sleep, which is a good sign I guess.
I researched the whole anesthesia thing, just to find out, and there may be options for me not to have to go completely under. It also looks like they might not have to use the gas that you inhale to go to sleep. If they can just give me an IV, it wouldn't be so bad. Or even if it was a shot in the back, I'd prefer that to being put completely under.
spuds16 took me to acupuncture and then we went to Noodles for lunch. I had some coffee and now I'm here. Hung out with a friend too.

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