July 11th, 2010

Cut cuddle and be Cute


A few weeks ago, I asked readers to support me on the Walk-A-Thon at the ACB 2010 Conference and Convention. I wanted to report back and say thank you to those who supported me either emotionally or monitarily.

I've been thinking of this walk as a victory walk for a while, remembering how this would have been impossible a year ago. I'm happy to report that the victory was real, I walked the whole three miles.
Darrell Shandrow
walked it with me, and though it was exhausting to walk that much, I enjoyed the chance to talk and catch up. It meant a lot to have a friend who knows how much this walk means and how hard the past years have been walking beside me.

Today, I have a body that's protesting. Sore muscles, a blister and general fatigue, my RSD leg is really unhappy with me too. But I wear that as a badge of honor and am glad I did it!