December 4th, 2009

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Writer's Block: Hocus pocus

Have you ever purchased a lotion, potion, or pill that promised miraculous weight loss, perfect skin, or fantastic sex even though you knew it was (probably) a hoax?

Yeah,, I've fallen victim to a few hoaxes in my life. Mainly as they relate to my pain and things I thought might work. My biggest purchase in that area was a home biofeedback unit (supposedly). Now, I always read reviews, reviews, reviews.

There have been other products which promised to do more than they did, but sometimes I'm not totally sure if they're a hoax, or just don't work for me.
Cut cuddle and be Cute

Writing and laughing!

One thing with which I've always struggled through as a writer is stories. I feel that many times, my skills are much better in the areas of "this is what I did", "These issues are important" or something which doesn't necessarily have a plot line. I love a good book or audio which has a good story, but for the life of me, I can't seem to write them. I believe I have a lot to write, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, but creating a plot and using other elements is harder for me. Recently, I became even more aware of this deficit in my writing when PBS aired a special about how
Bill Cosby won the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor
See, it all started with the dentist skit and went on from there. Now, I'm sitting around laughing histerically at some of his albums.

My favorite one is the Noah piece. If you watch it, it's available on the Best of Bill Cosby album or I've linked to it on Twitter before, you'll see that he can carry some theme from piece to piece. My thoughts are "How does he do that?" It's amazing. So three million cheers for Bill Cosby because he can get me out of a bad mood!

But back to the writing. I find that weaving together plots like that is incredibly difficult. If you write, do you have this problem? How do you manage it/ If you don't write, feel free to comment with your favorite Bill Cosby moment!