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That's one way to get me to a French club meeting!

Okay, so I ended up having cheese pizza for lunch. And I had this thing I think it's called "Adwala" or something. The first clue should have been that I got it because it's healthy, that right there should have tipped me off. It's not bad, but it's thicker than regular juice. I think it's supposed to be like a smoothy or something. *Shudders* Ewwww! Maybe it'll make me healthier and help me fight the ear infection, or maybe I'll drop dead from all of the healthy junk and not have to worry about the ear infection (I'm just kidding people). Seriously, though, that stuff would take some getting used to.
TRW was good. French was also good. That brings me to the actual subject of this entry: They're having a French club meeting in the coffee shop tonight. That's one way to make me want to come. Also, my reader is ill, and I have a test Monday. So maybe I'll find someone to review with or something.
I'm debating whether to write a letter to the health and wellness coordinator and suggest that they have a more formal process for filling out paperwork with a blind patient. The person I worked with was extremely sensative to me, but I still had to give the answers out in the lobby. I tend to get very nervous when I go to the doctor, so I didn't really ask to move somewhere else. But there were a lot of questions about that I think screen for various risk factors. There was even a manditory depression screening. I didn't lie on any of the questions, but I probably downplayed a few things because I knew others could be listening. I don't want to come off as a jerk when I send a letter. I can't even really decide whether to send one, but I think it would be nice to have a little more confidentiality. Like i said, the person who helped me was absolutely great. I was really impressed with how she handled it. But I still felt rather uncomfortable.

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