January 6th, 2008

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Grattitude Comments for the past week

I decided it would be much more fun to go public with my grattitude thoughts for the week than to post privately. Hopefully, it will spark some thoughts about what you're grateful for, too. I know that the ideal is to write about what you're grateful for every day, but I know myself, and I won't follow that method at first, I need to experience this without guilt for "not doing it right" first. So that's why it's weekly. We'll see how it goes, I'm excited to see where it leads.

  • The chance to be at school.

  • The time I spent with my grandma this week.

  • The chance to talk with her and share our experiences.

  • Julio's sense of humor.

  • Baxter making snow angels and making us all laugh.

  • Music, and the ability to hear it while I write.

  • The challenge of resolutions.

  • The wonderful Sunday school class today.

  • The excellent prayer time today.

  • Books, lots and lots of books.

  • The medications which help in the attempt to control my pain.

  • Heat packs with aromatherapy.

  • Soft blankets.

  • My internship.

  • The friends who make all of the hard work worth it.

  • Ginger Ale.

  • My talking blood pressure monitor.

  • Humor about dealing with RSD.

  • People who tell me they're praying for me.

  • Good memories.

  • Relaxation exercises.

  • Yummy, non-caffinated herbal teas.

  • Fully stocked groceries in my apartment.

  • Distractions when I need them.

  • Doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners with whom I can work to feel better.

  • The feeling of hope I get as I write this list.

  • Those who help me know I'm not alone in my struggles.

  • Lavender.

  • Lush.

  • Parents who help me when I ask for it.</li>
  • New strategies to get organized.

  • Ideas on how I can improve things for this semester.

  • Knowing that there are always choices in life.

  • Those who take the time to share resources with me and encourage me in my quest for a healthier life.

  • The realization that imperfections are "normal".

  • The repetative aspects of the HTML code needed to write this list.

  • The laugh I get realizing I'll mess this up even with that aspect of repetition.

Cut cuddle and be Cute

I have a big but, and I bet you do too

I'm guilty of many of these
How many times have I said "I'd try this, but" or "But I haven't done it that way before". I wonder what would happen if iI got my but out of the way. Probably a lot of cool things. So I'm trying to remember that I'll never be successful with such a big but.

It's so easy to look at the reasons I can't try something, the little, insignificant details which won't matter if I really examine them. It's time to change it. No ifs, ands or buts about it. What about you?