October 23rd, 2007

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Still around

I realize that I haven't posted publicly lately, and haven't posted at all for almost a week. I wanted to post that I'm still around, and have things I plan to write about soon, like tomorrow, assuming I feel better.

I am pretty nauseated, but am not sure if it's the incredibly high pain levels, or the flu bug going around. I suspect it's pain, since reducing it gets the nausea down some.

Since my latest protected posts (and the one which was briefly up after taking ambien last Tuesday) were pretty stressed, I wanted to comment that things in some areas are getting better. Just not the pain. I just don't want anyone to worry. That said, those who pray are free to pray for the pain to decrease and the stomach flu to stay away.
Cut cuddle and be Cute

Blogging on Ambien

I know, I know, I said no blog posts while on Ambien, but saw a comment which must be addressed soon. So here it is, to help all my readers get some sleep, maybe. This is a working draft, I see a project in my future.A commentor and good friend of mine poasted a comment and asked for help with side effects with Ambien. This s my response. It was getting too long for a comment.

I think this might be a better discussion to have over I.M., or skype, or phone, which ever works for you. My nausea is pretty much not related to meds, but here are my suggestions based on what's worked to deal with medication side effects, and I'm posting them here just in case they're helpful to you or others.

First, you said you're taking Ambien CR. I take Ambien, which doesn't last all night in the technical sense of the word, but does what I think I can reasonably expect from a sleepmed. If you just have difficulty getting to sleep, maybe the faster acting one would be better, or have a better side effect profile for you? It's also cheeper, I think, unless Ambien CR is also generic.

One thing I do is establish a bedtime routine, which for me includes (generally), starting one of my meds about an half hour to an hour before the rest (including my Ambien in this second half of the group. But before I start that one med before the rest, I start to turn off lights, switch over to pleasurable on line reading, listen to soft, calming, relaxing or especially comforting and inspiring music. I also try to do any book transfers to my VR Stream so they’ll be ready should pain wake me up.

I take the Ambien, then activities slow down even more and I do the things I need to to get ready for bed: washing my face, putting on freshener, brushing my teeth and a lovely smelling powder from Lush on the sheets, if an extrea nudge toward sleepland is in order.

During the day, I find spacing out several meals throughout the day prevents any medication nausea. I wake up with a routine, have my supplies in their places, and head off for the morning’s breakfast, coffee and classes.

Eating and drinking are a must. Pain and sleep issues are quite taxing to the body, even with the assistance of medication, we still need to eat and drink to the best of our abilities.

Water is a must to deal with dry mouth. And, I also find sugarless gums to be helpful. The doctors suggest sugarless candy, but I don’t know what to look for in a good one. The idea is to always have an easy-to-carry treat to drink, chew or suck on at hand. I’m open to other suggestions about dealing with dry mouth.

I already suggested the use of routines to deal with memory challenges you might have, and they help in other areas of life, too. Eating more regularily through the day, and (for me) coffee in the morning help banish the ambient tiredness. I also notice that those side effects are actually less now that I take it nightly.

So, those are some initial thoughts to get you going in the dealing with Ambien side effects.

Any other ideas come to mind? Shoot them to me in the comments
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