April 9th, 2007

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Like Monday Morning

I have today off school, and am sitting at a local coffee shop in the town I grew up in. It's the coffee shop I used as a destination for my home interview to get Julio. I didn't feel up to doing the route, but I'm enjoying the coffee, the new wireless internet and the chance to be alone in a crowd. Because they finally have wireless internet, I can actually get work and play done while waiting for my mom to finish with exercise and errands. The sun is warming my right side and it's peaceful. A little taste of independence even though I'm not back on campus yet. And my home town is absolutely not pedestrian friendly.

The thing that always bugs me about coming home is that I am completely dependent on my parents and occasionally friends to drive me. So I can't just decide I want coffee and walk to Brewberry's (at home here it's Kodiak which is also an independent shop). So, even though the transportation is not my own walking, I love the feeling of freedom of sitting here, listening to music and town gossip and the sounds of grinding coffee beans and the espresso machine, feeling and seeing the sun, knowing my puppy is being good and being able to grab another drink when I want one.

I'm not sure if it's the fact that my breakfast was a sweet kind of cake thing,, that I drank a vanilla breve (pronounced brev ay), or that's just how it is, but I'm trying a clemintine Izzy, and it's a little tart. I did just gently shake it (note very very gently and it did not explode), and that seems to help.

Our Easter dinner was good. Lots of good conversation and copious amounts of teasing. Baxter and Julio had another friend over to play with, so the three of them provided entertainment. The food was excellent. I did end up missing the Marlaina Show, which disappointed me. I'll have to figure out the link to see if it will be podcasted. I'm sure, like always, it was an excellent show.

It's good to have a break. It's nice to take some time and deliberately stop to enjoy simple pleasures. It doesn't change the pain, and doesn't change how much I have to get done. But it does help in ways I can't describe. Slowing down to write a few more substantive entries helps me. I think there is something about the feel of figures on keyboard that makes the brain reorganize thoughts that have become jumbled. It encourages an honest look at life and contemplation. You can't think at one hundred miles an hour and expect it all to get down on paper. I think that's what's so powerful about writing. It helps me filter through the mess of thoughts and find the useful stuff.
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I've been tagged!
tagged me with the obsessions meme. HMM... How does one define obsessions? Well, I'll give it a try...

1: Coffee: I need my coffee. I don't even think it's the cafeen anymore. It's the taste, the texxture and all the goodness. Oh, and the smell, that's good too!

2: Julio. Is it bad to be obsessed with a dog. Seriously, I love this puppy. And I'm always worrying about him. Something I just suck up, I'll cry about if it happens to Julio.

3: Seattle. I want to live there someday. It's the people, the good friends, and connected to #1 above.

4: Soft fabric. This is a requirement for clothes if I'm going to wear them. And I'm very picky about it.

5: Blogging. It's come to the point where I'll ask myself "What can I write today?"

michael_m (You had to know i'd get you eventually!)
And anyone else who wants to be tagged and wasn't.

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IT SHOULD NOT BE GETTING READY To SNOW, in April! There is something really really wrong with this, in my non-weather-educated opinion. I'm not a snow person, but the weather didn't ask me.

The rest of the day went well. Julio seems pretty tired, as am I. I'm waiting until it's time for my night time meds, then I'm turning in. The pain got much worse throughout the day, but I was able to get food down.

It's nice to be back in my room at school, since the bed is actually more comfortable, since it's got a better matress and a less-intrusive foot board. I also like having a small room because it means I don't have to walk far to get anything, though I wish the bathroom wasn't as far away.

Today, the pain clinic called to remind me about my appointment, which is good because I couldn't remember what time. Anyway, it was pretty neat to know it was them and answer appropriately, then, afterward, program the appointment right into my phone. It's a pretty cool feeling.

Between writing this and working on research, it's now getting to be time where I can actually go get ready for bed. Sleep well everyone!