March 26th, 2007

Nickie and Julio


been tagged
for a very cool meme. I'm grateful for

  • The support from my parents to be able to go to conferences like CSUN.
  • The simple joy of knowing which calls I've missed, setting up my own ring tones, and sending occasional text messages if I want.
  • Friends who care enough about me to tag me in a meme and encourage me to think about good things like this.
  • My Dad's willingness to let Julio sit with him on the plane, and let me not have a dog laying on my foot.
  • My friends' acceptance of my need to do things slowly or differently because of pain.
  • Friends who, without embarrassing me, distract me from being in pain.
  • Friends who go to coffee with me at breakfast and give me the motivation to eat breakfast.
  • Friends who will tell me stuff I don't want to hear, and not think less of me afterward.
  • The wonderful servers at the hotel, who joked with me and made the effort to make me feel welcome at the hotel.
  • The bar tender, who didn't have Ginger Ale at the bar, but went out of his way to find me some.
  • The cool people I was able to meet this year, who accepted me.
  • Having my BrailleNote looked at and repaired (minor stuff) quickly without any cost to me.
  • The people who were happy to see me and gave me big hugs.
  • Coming home and finding that it's warm outside.
  • Dad eating at Noodles yesterday, even though it's not his favorite food.
  • Julio's excellent work at the conference.
  • The Clicker and how it's helped us.
  • The excellent speakers I heard and met.
  • The Starbucks in the hotel lobby; it helped me get up every morning.
  • The kind people who got water (which is in the back of some session rooms), and found me a spot to sit.
  • The chance to see friends I don't see enough.
  • The kind instructor who let me try Dog Sim and said I followed the dog well. (Dog sim is like a guide dog harness mounted on a tricycle. The instructor pushes the harness from behind, and the blind person uses the harness handle. This lets the instructor more easily observe the student's reactions to a fake dog before pairing the team.)
  • My friend who went through the exhibit hall and helped us make sense of all the companies there.
  • The availability of Ginger Ale on the plane.
  • Dad's blanket which protected my leg from the feeling of air blowing on it from the vents.
  • The person at security yesterday who gave me my shoes back and let me put them on sitting on a chair.
  • The betterinternet connection at school. (Anything's better than what we had at the hotel.)
  • Having no class this morning because of some reason I'm not aware of.
  • My nice comfy bed.

I notice that a lot of bloggers are busy right now, so I tag anyone, and everyone, who has time.

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A tip for people with RSD

When going through security, always, always make it clear that you have a chronic pain condition, and ask for accommodations. Otherwise you could have the experience I had yesterday. Pat downs are bad enough without someone patting an RSD leg very very firmly. And then sliding the hand down the pants. Sandpaper on a sunburn people, sandpaper on a sunburn. I try not to cry about pain in public, but I did yesterday.

I don't care if it comes across melodramatically, next time, I'm being way more assertive.