December 25th, 2006

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Peace on the Earth, Tidings of Good Cheer

I know that right now there isn't peace on earth. With the quirky dysfunction in many families, it's possible to make cynical comments, but I do love my family. It wouldn't be Christmas without the good-natured teasing and fun we have.

We've opened Christmas presents, had a leisurely breakfast. The dogs have been appropriately (or excessively or both) curious, and we're all lounging around in our new clothing, enjoying music and taking a break from the everyday stuff. Well, Dad is moving something or another I guess. But it's nice to all be here, happy and comfortable.

Last night we went to the 11 o'c service. I consider it a great miracle that Dad and I got down the stairs from the altar where we lit our candles from the Christ candle. When you consider that Julio is food distracted, I was carrying a fiery candle, I'm still not that comfortable with stairs when I don't have the cane, there was bread around too. We're all safe, and no damage is reported. Now that is a real answer to prayer!

Merry Christmas everyone!