December 4th, 2006

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Poetry, politics and reproduction

This weekend was extremely fun. The concert I went to on Saturday was very good, but I'll write about that at a later time. Yesterday I rehearsed a poetry performance we have to do for Holy Writ Rewrit with my partner. I think it's going to be an enjoyable performance. It was supposed to be a one hour rehearsal. It was, but then we chatted for three hours. It was nice to actually eat with someone last night. While I enjoy reading while I eat, I love to eat with friends.

I'll post the poem later. But I have to say it was really fun to talk religion issues and other disability/health stuff. I'd have to tay that that's one of the most cool things about this school; you can talk about these issues and not have people get territorial.

I'm working on a personal writing project for this blog, so that's another thing to be happy about.