November 24th, 2006

Cut cuddle and be Cute

An Enjoyable Birthday

Yesterday's festivities were definitely good. We had lots of food and fun. Laughter is always appreciated, and I enjoyed a lot of it. The laughter really does end up being the best medicine!

This morning, I woke up tired. We didn't go shopping much, just to look for more socks that I tolerate. There is a store near our house that has a grocery store and coffee shop (It's a SuperTarget). The coffee shop sometimes has these wonderful danish with cream cheese. Those aren't always there, sadly, but today they were!

We didn't find a pair of socks, but that's what laundry is for. It was fun to get out of the house, though, and we saw some friends I haven't seen in a while.

This afternoon was spent playing around looking for stuff with Google. Do you know how much "Crap" information is out there on "Chronic Pain" or "pain Management"? I'm extremely skeptical about a lot of treatments, and I want to make sure I'm basing my decisions on the best knowledge I can get. Also, when you consider how highly critical most college professors need to be, I want to make sure this paper is based on good solid info.. What I'm discovering is that that may not be possible. Either that, or I just need to become more comfortable with my research abilities. Despite all of the junk results, it was still fun work, and I like learning new things. Maybe this knowledge can help others, once I understand it better. Plus, it actually helps me now. And, as we all know, I'm a nerd and proud of it!

The fun also extended to playing with demos of various screen readers. As an asside, it's pretty funny watching sighted people trying to use the internet with a screen reader, but relying on the mouse. I finally just yelled "Stop using the computer like a sighted person." The problem with not being proficient in some screen readers, is that i had no idea what I was doing, and thus couldn't help. We finally just decided to turn off the screen readers for the sighted people.

Dinner was pizza, which I don't order at school, because I'd never finish it. While we were waiting for mom to come back with the pizza, I got my first ever bloody nose while bending down to get Julio's food. It turns out there was a counter between me and Julio's dish on the floor. I just happened to find the corner of it with my face. It hurt pretty bad at first, but now doesn't hurt at all. I guess it was a day for two milestones.

I've had several friends call to wish me happy birthday. And people have posted on my wall on facebook, to do the same. And, I two of my closest friends called and sang me happy birthday on ACB Radio. It has been such a good day, of special people making my year brighter. Mom even made me brownies.

I remember last year, having my birthday on Thanksgiving, and how I was switching medications. This birthday made me so happy...