November 20th, 2006

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Something to celebrate

I was going through old journal entries, and realized that starting sometime soon, I will have been off Neurontin for a year. That period of my education is something I hope never to relive again. Anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, here are the basics: I thought Green Day was too optimistic, I hat to visit the blog to spell my name right, I had to ask others whether I'd even taken the pills, I cried three times a week, and it was just all around not pretty.

What that experience taught me, though, is that it's okay, and important, to speak up when a drug doesn't work. I did, and got put on Lyrica, which works a lot better than Neurontin, and does not have the awful side-effects.

I am grateful that now I am able to step back from some of these situations and ask "what did that teach me?"

Cut cuddle and be Cute

I stood, I showered, I conquered

What's the deal with me having so many eventful showers lately? There are several blog related comments I could make here, but I'm not sure I should. I can be a bad girl with word choices, but I'll be good.

Anyway, I couldn't find the shower chair this morning, and it was six in the morning, so I didn't want to wake people up. So, I decided to take a shower standing up, and see how I did. It was somewhat painful, to be honest, but I feel victorious! It's the first standing show (that I remember) since the surgery. I did not fall, I kept my balance and it was safe. I'll still sstay seated until pain stays under control, but it's nice knowing I can take a shower standing up if I have to, and that I don't have to worry about safety!