November 14th, 2006

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Extra Extra: Nickie can't remember textbook authors!

So, our college is part of this visiting scholars program, and the scholar who's going to be here later this week has sounded familiar since I read his name. So, dear readers, does anyone know if we used a textbook written by Gary Nash?

Next, if anyone's interested, there's a public lecture on patriotism and history on Thursday. Call the cell if you're interested, or email me (there's a link on my sidebar.

For some reason, I can't get my computer to use its search function, or I could answer the above question. My body has been trying to send the "screw you" message since Friday night (though surprisingly my foot is being less of a tyrant). I've felt nauseated since Saturday, yesterday, my muscles all tensed and I started smelling weird electriclike scents that actually don't exhist, I got a headache and got smell sensitive. It's not going away. And, even after relaxation, my heart rate was 106. With all of the tests, I probably backed myself right into this, and I probably will deserve whatever comes next (please, God, don't let it be ANOTHER flare). So, thus, my brain isn't exactly thinking of proactive options for how to answer my original question.

I'm too embarrassed to ask my CIS history prof.

Now, for the good things. I got the papers handed in, Julio has a new gentle leader, I'm going to a concert on Friday, that lecture sounds interesting and I think I know how to find it, I may have a very cool schedule for next semester (16 credits if I can justify the J-term class), I had a vanilla milkshake, Julio cuddled with me during relaxation, Julio's cute, I went to church last night for a meeting, I got to see several friends, I have a new GDB shirt, I haven't thrown my laptop out the window yet, I still have two weeks to get this pain management w/ relaxation topic figured out (who knew relaxation could cause stress?), people in social work class are being very sweet with emailing me handouts accessibly, I got to see Baxter, I had a kind of cool fireworks dream and We've made it one day past Monday.

I'm going to go microwave some soup, and make a to-do list for tomorrow. I wish I had more energy, since there have been some very cool posts I'd love to highlight, but I just don't have the energy right now. Oh, and those of you who I have not replied to, I'm sorry, I will get to you when I can!