November 12th, 2006

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Oh, what an interesting Sunday...

I'll be going to pick up $90.00 worth of meds in a few minutes. Since the bus stops right across the street from Brewberry's, I'll have an excuse to go there... not like I need one. Later today, I'll be working on papers (how fun!). So, don't expect much in the form of good rriting today!

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I've been remiss in not linking to that sooner. As some of you have already guessed, I'm behind on my feeds/blogs.

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Letters to Santa

In an effort to get these papers done, I've been doing that Letters to Santa meme, but keep getting people's names who I don't know if they mind being tagged. I just have one question: What's a dutch oven, and why does it get -10 points?

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Philosophize this

I wondered why I have had so little energy since about Friday. I wondered why I haven't been feeling that great (I kept thinking it was something I ate). Then, I realized, I've got the stomach flu. At least, I think I do. Maybe getting a good night's sleep will help.

I'm writing a philosophy paper about guide dogs, and it's all I can do to write things out logically, instead of saying what I want to say. I can't actually write that here, since I try to keep this blog safe for work. Let's just say, that it's just like how I get through most days, I do a lot of bs, but hope it looks logical to someone.

What I hate is that assumptions have to be challenged. I like playing devil's advocate, but only with other people's ideas. In short, philosophy isn't my strength, even though I really love it. And I will feel bad if it's not a good paper because I really like my professor. That's really my usual difficulty. I don't want to waste a professor's time by writing stuff that isn't even on target... Sigh.

On a brighter note, once I get through this paper, I will only have an in-class essay to write, and a test (which is on Wednesday). Social work stuff is getting wrapped up, as is relaxation. I need to check my syllabi, but I don't think I have any full-blown finals. That's exciting right?

My brain still hurts, but hopefully taking this short break has helped my brain to get unstuck.