October 8th, 2006

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Hopefully pride doesn't come before a fall all of the time!

I had promised myself that I wasn't going to post until I got a few things done, but this deserves writing down. I wrote yesterday about that awful intersection, and I think I figured it out. In this case, I did two things right, and I think it paid off.

First, I didn't let that intersection keep me from going to Brewberry's. I know, spoken like a true coffee drinker, but listen. Going to Brewberry's was a good thing because it gave me the chance to prove to myself that I could handle the intersection. Personally, I have to do this whenever we have a messed up route, just to prove that it's not dangerous. Otherwise, the fearss get bigger than they need to be, and I lose out.

Second, I figured out part of why this intersection was confusing me. There are two doors to Brewberry's. One opens out onto the street that is my parallel street for the crossing and one that opens onto the street I'll actually cross. The one that opens onto the street I actually cross is somewhat more accessible, and I think, has fewer obstacles between it and the street. The other one requires going through some tables and chairs. I chose the one that opens onto the street we cross, partly to avoid the obstacles. But, today, I realized that may be causing part of the problem. It's not the door we enter, and I wondered if that was part of the problem. Part of the problem, too, was that I would forget which way to turn, and we'd have to backtrack.

So, this time, I tried going out the door we come in. Getting through the tables was challenging, but doable. Once we hit the actual sidewalk, Julio's initiative was perfect. We got to the curb and lined up for our crossing with hardly any prompting from me.

The street crossing was picture perfect! Like I said, the initiative was excellent, and no drivers honked at us. I'm glad I know what was wrong now. I'm also glad that my problem-solving skills have improved somewhat. I'm glad we figured it out, and pretty proud of both members of this guide dog team.