August 6th, 2006

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Friday's Fun

Friday was a much less busy day. Mom and I didn' get up until 9:30, and even then, we moved slowly. The hotel wasn't serving breakfast anymore, so Mom had to walk over to that restaurant from the night before and grab breakfast. That wasn't bad, but they didn't have any coffee shops nearby, so I was ticked. Dad brought us coffee over his lunch break, though, so that was good.

I played on the internet for a little, then fell asleep. I've been exhausted, and needed the rest. That was okay.

Yesterday evening we looked around the area to see what it was like. Then we grabbed dinner. As you can see, it was a calm, not-too-busy day.

I'll write about today tomorrow while I'm on the plane or maybe when we get back. Or I might decide to write more tonight, I'm not sure. I will finish though. I'll leave you with a teaser: Today was really great too, in spite of that nausea caused by pain. This time, I'll be good and take care of it.

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Sweetness of Saturday

I wrote this on the road, so forgive typos etc. I'm email posting this.
I woke up early on Saturday, probably partially due to the nap I had Friday afternoon and partially because I was in pain. I stayed in bed reading books and listening to music. Julio started dreaming, yipping, growling and doing something weird with his mouth. It made me giggle.

When we got up, we decided to head back up to the Portland area. We drove for a stretch and had a late breakfast/lunch meal. I had an omlet with cream cheese, ham, mushrooms and onion. Omlets are one of those guilty pleasures. I know they don't always agree with me, but they're really good.

When we got back in the car, I think I fell asleep. We stopped a little bit south of Portland and relieved Julio. I think it was a rest stop, because there were human facilities too.

Guide Dogs for the Blind was having their fun day yesterday and we decided to see if it was still going on. I wanted to talk to Julio's instructors and thank them for all of their hard work with him and let them know how we are. We got there as it was closing down and it took us a while to find anyone I knew. I found three out of the five people I worked with. You could tell Julio remembered them and liked them. I took him out of harness so he could say hi. It was so cool to see them again. I told them about the graduation speech and they asked me to email them a copy (which I did). They still remembered the article I wrote for the local paper when Julio and I came home. They liked it, which was nice to hear, especially since I took a lot of criticism on an email list I'm not even on. It's always nice when your instructor's approve.

Standing there talking was a bit much for my foot. I hit the I'm--in--so--much--pain--I-want--to--barf stage. We went to Caf Delearium (my favorite free-lance destination), and I got reminded just how much I love the coffee there. I took some Zofran and felt better as far as the nausea was concerned.

We found a Holiday Inn Express near the airport. It was expensive, but we ended up in a suite with a refridgorator/freezer, two rooms and free WiFi. This meant I was able to post the entries I did yesterday (assuming I post this Sunday), and we was able to try to freeze the gel packs. The sad thing is that this room was better than the room we had at CSUN, but the CSUN one was twice as expensive.

We had dinner at this place called Salty's. It was seafood (which I can't eat if I don't want to feel nasty). I can eat chowders, though, so I just had a bowl of soup. Everyone was admiring Julio but not even asking to pet him. I wonder if the good fortune I've had with that this trip is partly related to being near Guide DOGS for the Blind (although I think that would be true if I were near any guide or service dog school).

We go! back to the hotel around 9:30. Then I messed around online for a bit and Mom and Dad set up the sofa bed for me. At least I got to have a room to myself because I slept in the living room. However, the bed was rather awful! It was so bad Julio wouldn't sleep on it; he went and jumped on Mom and Dad's bed instead. So much for puppy loyalty!