July 25th, 2006

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Nickie's Secret Diet!

Since I can't exactly get a job right now, I'm thinking of ways to earn some money. Here's what I've come up with. After all, if I can't turn the surgery into something positive, I can at least try to make money off of it right?

So, here's what I plan to do. Everyone's reading diet books. I could become a fitness coach. All I ask of my participants is the following:

  1. Have a surgery, and a reaction to anesthetic.
  2. Get sick, don't eat for a day.
  3. Purchase a walker and hop around to get places for eight weeks.
  4. Get nauseated from pain killers.

I know it works. I haven't been weighed yet, but I may have lost up to an inch and a half around my lumbar area. How do I know this? When I was in school, before the surgery, and needed a block, they used a six inch long needle. Two weeks ago, they used a four and a half inch one. Go figure!

And, in case you were unsure, no, I won't write a diet book.

Cut cuddle and be Cute

I'd say evacuating a building with a needle in your back is a healthy fear...

Yesterday I did need the lumbar sympathetic block. I'm always amazed at how my foot seems to inflate like a baloon hooked up to an exhaust pipe, and I'm even more amazed it never explodes with the swelling I've had before some of these blocks.

Yesterday's block went well, and my foot responded quickly and strongly to the block. This is a very helpful and comfortable thing, because it means the pain goes down. During the injection, we were talking (that always makes me nervous because I'm afraid I'll move). Julio, being more popular or well-known than I, came up in conversation, as did Marley and Me. Then, they were telling me about how there was a fire drill and everyone had to evacuate that morning. I hope I don't offend too many people when I say that that experience would have royally sucked. Especially if it was during an injection.

For those who aren't aware, the injection is into the lumbar (lower back) area. It requires the pants to go down (not too far) and the shirt to go up to about the lower ribs. It requires that you have temperature probes, attached to wires, stuck to your feet. It also requires x-rays and a needle going past skin or deeper tissues. For me, it's done while I'm awake, since it really doesn't bother me. So, basically, a fire drill would not have been fun.

I also think I scared the doctor unintentionally. The conversation got quiet (hey, I don't want to distract him), and I was trying not to breathe too strongly, because I didn't want my back to move. Luckily, he asked if I was okay (which I was), so everything was fine. Then, I went into recovery and ate oreos and apple juice. It's sad that it's basically routine now.

I had to do range of motion exercises during recovery so that my ankle won't stiffen up. That's worried me lately, but I hope it will get better once I get into normal shoes and out of the evil boot.

The block worked, because I slept from 6 PM until 11 PM and 12 AM until 6 AM. That's not counting the time spent sleeping on the way home.

As I said in recovery, after these, I just grab an ice pack and crash. Also, my blood pressure stayed in the close to normal range. It went up briefly after the injection, but was back to good when I left around a half hour later. The temperature change was good, and the pain is down enough that I can walk without wanting to yell.

That's where I was yesterday and why I didn't update.

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Book Review: Left To Tell

Pictures never tell me anything. I don't think a picture is worth a thousand words because it's no good to me. So, it's hard to understand everything that goes on in our world. If you watch a documentary, chances are you get less than half of the story. You don't get the context of the pictures that are being shown. If you can see them, it's easier to put all of the information together, but if not, uyou're going to miss something. That's why I was so moved by the book "Left To Tell" written by Imaculee Ilibagiza and Steve Erwin. Ms. Ilibagiza survived the Rwandan holocaust, and her story is really shocking. she manages to tell a gruesome, heartbreaking, shocking tale with grace and in a way that brings hope amongst the sadness.

I read this book while still on a lot of medication after the surgery. My memory is not as clear as I'd like, but one thing stands out with this book: her amazing faith. Her tales of praying so many times while people who wanted to kill her stood litterally feet away are stunning. As I dealt with the aftermath, trying to have patience and recover from the surgery, trying to deal with the RSD flare up and trying to deal with the questions of faith I had, a friend reminded me again of her story. Knowing what she went through and seeing her faith has strengthened my own. All I can say is that you have to read this book. Find it on Amazon, or for those who need accessible formats, find it on bookshare. But whatever you do, go, read it.

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Noodles isn't nice anymore!

Much whining and complaining is going into this entry. Who's idea was it to change the nummy steak at Noodles into something that tastes like pot roast with way too much pepper. I'm sorry, but the only way I eat pot roast in noodles is if we're really trying to get rid of left overs. I'm certainly not paying good money for it! I wonder if the chicken is any good?