May 3rd, 2006

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Wow... That's a lot of entries

Well, maybe not to some bloggers, but for me, it seems big. This is the 1,500th entry in Nickie's Nook. Sometimes I've made use of the protected entries, sometimes the private, mostly the public. Writing in this space has helped me make sense of so many things, and if I couldn't make sense of them, I have at least been able to process them. Nickie's Nook has grown with me. Here, I have seen my writing styles change (not completely), I've gone through RSD almost from the very beginning, this journal/blog has been with me. This is where I started to think about getting a guide dog and growing up. It's been a safe place to be myself and a place where I can learn from others. In one day less than a week, my LJ will have its third birthday. I didn't accomplish this alone. One friend gave me an invite code back when that was the only free way to use LJ and last year, a close friend gave me a permanent account for graduation (much appreciated by this broke college student). I'm not using names because I don't have permission.

I'll have more thoughts on this journal next week. I just thought I'd write something special for this numbered entry.