March 5th, 2006

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Conference Report: Day Set Apart for Women

The day did not start out well. I woke up to my foot screaming at me at 4 AM. I must have fallen asleep somewhere between 6 and 6:20, because I didn't wake up again until 6:59. I needed to be downstairs to meet Mom by 7. It turns out she was running slightly late too, so when she got down here, she went to Brewberry's to get us breakfast. Yum!

We still got to the college in time and were able to find a great seat that even had extra room for Julio. The worship was led by
Elizabeth Hunnicutt
and it was excellent. I knew the words to most of the songs and was able to just focus on worship.

The speaker for the first general session was Liz Courtis Higs. She's written several books which I hope to read someday. She spoke about Mary Magdeline. She put forward some really interesting arguments for her not being the Mary Magdeline of The Devinci Code, but also applied scripture to real life stuff.

The first smaller workshop I went to was about a different way to read the Bible in a more relationship-centered way. I found some of what the presenter said to be very interesting. She then led us in reading through a scripture following the steps she talked about. I'll include that scripture at the end of this entry because I feel like it's something I need to think about. It's one of those things I didn't know was in the Bible.

The next workshop I ended up at was really not something I was interested in. I'm probably not too young to start thinking about wills and directives, but I really don't feel like thinking about that right now.

Then we had lunch and just walked around a little bit. Changing positions for a bit helped some, but not enough. My pain levels were just awful yesterday!

The next workshop was about being a mirror image of God. It was a different way of thinking about sharing faith and I found it refreshing. It was more about doing than saying. We should reflect what we have been given, not just sit there and judge or talk. It was very cool and is something I've personally been thinking about lately.

The next worship session was also good. The presenter was harder to follow, but she did talk about forgiveness.

We continued our tradition of going to the Olive Garden for dinner. My confirmation mentor and her sister were with us. We ran into them earlier at the conference and dinner ended up happening together. It was very nice to catch up!

The Natalie Grant concert was also good. She was honest about her faith journey, and very passionate. Wow, that girl can sing! It was the third time that day we sang Chris Tomlin's "Holy Is The Lord". I'll put those lyrics at the end of this entry as well.

When we got back here, I was shot, completely shot. You've already seen that entry.

This morning I ended up seeing the teacher who helped me with transition stuff at Brewberry's. Her daughter was with her and we all had conversation and coffee. They gave me a rid back here which was appreciated for pain and snow-related reasons.

Now for the stuff I promised.

Zephaniah 3:14-17
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Chris Tomlin "Holy Is The Lord"
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Energy infusions

Someone should create energy infusions, or something that would produce energy quickly and painlessly. I am exhausted! Simply exhausted. I'm actually nervous a about walking anywhere today. I hope that somehow I'll get enough sleep tonight. It's not like I didn't get need more than I got last night.

The tripple shots of espresso have long ago worn out, and I'm seaking more energy. I have to stay awake, but have no idea how that will happen.

I had a comforting thought today: Diamonds are only coal that has been put under intense pressure. Now, I wonder when I will truly shine... I must learn to be who I am, apart from what I can do on a given day. My mood cannot remain dictated by pain levels.

That's enough philosophy for the day.

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Why oh why!

I can't seem to conceptualize this sudoku. But now I'm addicted already! Anyone want to play a game of yell at the braille display while playing sudoku?