February 8th, 2006

Cut cuddle and be Cute

That's worth getting up for!

It looks like my
Letter to the Editor got published.
That's certainly worth getting up for. I wish I had been able to sleep well and longer, but the foot is burning and not being very nice about it. I didn't take naps at all yesterday. I stayed awake for all of my reading. That's just life I guess.
Theo was pretty good last night. We watched a part of Fiddler on the Roof. Would you believe I've never seen it? Some of the characters were pretty funny.
Cut cuddle and be Cute

Should I be disturbed by how my mind works??

For some strange reason, the pain in my foot reminds me of Dante's Inferno. I know, why would I be reminded of Dante's inferno? I get a very intense burning pain, and I remembered something about people in the Inferno somewhere having to have burning oil on their feet. Just an impression. Well, I finally figured out where that came from, thanks to the help of
I took this from
A detailed map and guide to reading assignments.

The Malebolge (Evil Ditches and/or Pouches full of Evil)

Bolgia Three: The Simoniacs. (Those were clerics who sold the favors of the Church; for example, they might have sold the right to divorce, which was normally
forbidden, or they might have taken money for allegedly influencing God to get you into heaven more quickly after death.) Punishment: They're placed headfirst
in stone monuments which are, in effect, inverted baptismal fonts. Only their feet show, and these are scorched by burning oil like the holy oil used in
sacraments. Each time their bisop or papal seats are assumed after their deaths by someone else who took money for the Church's favors, the new sinner
drops into their slot and they disappear forever inside the rock of the monuments.

READ: Canto 19, lines 13-78, pages 1024-6.

Obviously, it means absolutely nothing, just how my disturbing mind works sometimes, always wanting to figure out where stuff comes from.
Cut cuddle and be Cute

Please pray

I asked Mom to call the eye doctor, because the pain in my eye was getting pretty intense. I.E., competing with the foot for the most painful part of my body award. Looks like I have to go to the eye doctor. I'm really tired of doctor's appointments. But the pain is very intense and the colors have gotten darker, not lighter, since Friday. Last time, there was a definite, but slow improvement. By wednesday, I was starting to see slightly less purple.
Please pray that there's some kind of explanation for the pain that is easy to treat.
Cut cuddle and be Cute

Thanks for praying!

Thankfully, the eye is intact. This is a very good thing (understatement). She says there isn't a way to tell if my eye bled or not, but given the purple vision, I think it did. She suspects I bruised the bone above my eye when Baxter ran me into that pole. She gave me som antibiotic ointment, which stings like crazy, but now about a half hour later feels better in my eye and maybe I'm okay as far as that's concerned. Maybe that will help.
I'm embarrassed that I was so concerned about what turned out to be a bruised bone, but by the same token, she says it's like separating hairs to tell if the pain comes from the eye or bone above it. And I'm very glad it's not something like a detached retina or some other problem. I'm glad God hears prayers.
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