January 13th, 2006

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Making slow progress

It finally feels like I'm making progress with my physical therapy. It's very small progress, but I'm able to exert a little more control over the tendon. I'm successful at the one where I lay on my side and use my shoe for resistance against moving my foot inward (or up since I'm laying on my side). I think I will soon be able to use ankle weight as resistance. It's sure taken me long enough (two and a half months almost!). I can do the theoredical exercises of lifting my arch as long as my hands are between my knees. Soon, I'll be able to move on to the arch lifts without my hands there. I still can't do the range of motion one where I pick up my sock with my toes and move it in then out, in then out without pain and having to think about it. So that is my goal still. But at least I can honestly see some progress in the other two exercises. We'll see what I find out on Tuesday as to what my next step will be.
In other news, I wish I could tell what the presentations will be about at
this year. I'd like to try to find out more about technology and rehabilitation, learn some about the issues of access and hopefully help myself decide a little more about what career path I want. I could probably wait another year or two, but I don't know if I'll be on spring break during the conference or not. I just don't want to go and find out that none of the presentations will help me. There are so many different career interests right now and I'd like to know one way or another if I'm thinking in the wrong direction. I'm sort of interested in the social work area as a possibility for my career, not just a means to an end, but I don't want to move to drastically.
I don't know... Career stuff is creepy! I'm going to attempt not to think about it too heavily and stress myself out.
Cut cuddle and be Cute

More proof that I'm getting a college education

Sometimes I'm so stupid I surprise even myself. No, this isn't meant to be one of those "Nickie you suck" posts I'm not upset over this at all and those won't get me anywhere. But it's pretty funny:
I've seen references to a web site
For those of you who aren't privy to screen reader pronunciations, that gets pronounced as
"Dell dot ice e o dot us."
I just now, after seeing
Julie Leung
link to it and refer to it as delicious, figured out that's what it meant. I've been trying to figure out what del.icio.us meant for months and months and months.
This just means I need to do more reading in Braille. Although my spelling is better than it was when I was younger, when I use speech, I miss out on important details.
Hugs and shrugs!