November 27th, 2005

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Learned that the hard way?

I have discovered that it is not a good idea to just eat animal crackers for breakfast when one is on several medications. It makes one get dizzy and sick to one's stomach. Luckily, if one eats something, one can hope to feel better.
Church was good this morning. Two Sunday school classes which all gave me perspective. Being reminded that the church is praying for me is also helpful giving my appointment tomorrow. I believe everything will be okay, but I still get nervous when I think about these appointments.
I wish I had a fire extinguisher for my foot. I'm getting more sore just thinking about the doctor poking and prodding tomorrow.
Mom's proofing my lab report. St. Kate's people, I won't see you until after the appointment. Should be back for most of TRW.