October 29th, 2005

Cut cuddle and be Cute

How Bizarre...

I can't spell either form of the word, so I won't try. Our church had the afore mentioned event today. It was great. I got a new dish cloth. And I ate a ton:
  • A double tall vanilla carmel latte with whip cream from Kodiak.

  • Two carmel rolls

  • Two bowls of soup

  • Three crackers

  • A piece of home made white bread

  • A piece of cheese

  • Three cupcakes

  • A peach Italian Soda from Kodiak

I'm still thirsty. This dry mouth is incredibly strong!
It was fun, but pain producing and exhausting.
Cut cuddle and be Cute


I had fun today, but I'm litterally paying for it now. I'm extremely sore. I took a nap this afternoon because sometimes you just have to escape the pain for a while. But the pain is even worse now. I need to be able to rest.
I doubt it's going to happen.