October 11th, 2005

Cut cuddle and be Cute


I really did not plan to get up at 3:45 this morning. If I'd known that would happen, I would have just done the paper this morning. I'm not sure if I'm over cafinated, but I am sore. I'm trying to avoid getting a cold. Today, I need to:

  • Go to the psych lab

  • Do laundry

  • Work on French stuff

  • Eat

  • Maybe go to an event on campus

  • Try to feel better physically

  • Drink more water than I have been

  • Relax

I think most of this is doable.
Cut cuddle and be Cute

Out to lunch all day.

I went to the psych lab and turned in my lab report. It probably won't be a perfect score this time, but I know I pretty much did the best I could. If I have to revise and resubmit, I'll just deal with that when it comes time.
I've had two cups of coffee today and I'm still tired. Pain level hasn't gone down either. I almost screamed when I put on my jeans after a bath this morning.
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Cut cuddle and be Cute

More than just a classroom experience!

Things I learned today:

  • Information is not necissarily power. There are things about this tendon problem and RSD I did not want to know that I learned because I was researching.

  • It is not advisable to set an alarm on your BrailleNote and leave said note taker right next to your head without first checking the volume.

  • No matter how hard I try, I cannot stand on my tiptoes to look for something in the closet.

  • I have made friends who like and respect me for who I am.

  • There are helpful people and there are people that will ever make you feel stupid.

  • Some sighted students do actually get it when I say that Julio is not behaving while others would probably think it was cute if he caused me to get killed and they'd pass it off as him having a bad day.

  • Having under-developed tear ducts is a blessing because it allows me to appear to have it together.

  • Having under-developed tear ducts is a curse because I have no way to release emotions if they won't work.

  • Being lost for half an hour does not help my pain level.

  • I am still not beyond stressing out to the point of reaching pre-migraine status.

  • I have a very supportive family and despite the times I am frustrated with them (what teen isn't?) they will come to my rescue if I need them.

  • Sometimes, you just need to use a cane to appreciate how much your dog does for you.

  • Julio still gets happier to see me than many humans.

  • Writing html code by hand to make lists is not hard, but becomes tedious.

  • God still loves me even when I'm a screw up.

  • I still have to remind myself occasionally that I am not a failure when I get lost.

  • It is okay to ask to meet somewhere you can find independently until you figure out why you can't find the other location.

  • Caffene never has and never will make up for actual sleep.