September 20th, 2005

Cut cuddle and be Cute


I slept really well last night, so I'm thinking I must have forgotten the antidepressant the night before and that's why I didn't sleep as well. I feel okay, and the pain isn't too bad. I wonder what that means? Psych lab was okay, then I went to Brewberries. Julio and I did okay at everything except for finding the entrance. That's still tough. Oh, well.
Came back here and did stuff. Did my TRW sculpture, which probably isn't that great, but I'm hoping it works.
Cut cuddle and be Cute

'cause everyone else did it:

LJ Interests meme results

  1. beep baseball:
    Not sure why this is still here. I don't do it anymore, but Beep Baseball was a sport I enjoyed playing. Now, I can't really do it. Who knows, though, I may do it again some day.
  2. cappuccinos:
    Coffee is good. Capuccinos, when made correctly, are light and frothy.
  3. computers:
    I use them on a daily basis... Gotta love them!
  4. french:
    Je parle Francais. C'est tres cool!
  5. hot chocolate:
    Yummy on a winter day. What the heck, it's yummy on a summer day too.
  6. long talks:
    These are good. They give me perspective because I usually lose it along the way.
  7. peder eide:
    Great great artist. Love his music!
  8. sharing:
    Sharing is good. It is in sharing that I learn the most about myself and others.
  9. umys:
    Good conference!
  10. writing:
    Yeah, like you can't figure out why I like this!

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