August 23rd, 2005

Cut cuddle and be Cute

The big bad MRI and the vet appointment

We took Julio to the vet yesterday. They were running almost an hour late, but that wasn't their fault. They said they'd had some emergencies and the doctor said he hadn't eaten lunch (at 6:30 at night!). The worst whs that while we were waiting, there were these kids in one of the rooms. They were crying. I think they had to put down someone's beloved pet. It was so sad and you could just tell that everyone was exhausted physically and emotionally. Julio gave everyone some lovings, so maybe that helped. He's healthy. Perfect weight. Everything's good!
Because of the delay, we didn't really have time for dinner so we went to the MRI place and I filled out all the paperwork. Well, actually Mom wrote and I answered the questions.
The MRI was painful because they had to put my foot in a position that wasn't comfortable... oh, wait, no position is comfortable. And the vibrations were really really intense. AFterwords, we went to a sports bar type place for dinner. I had a bleu cheese burger which was good.
I had a really weird dream last night! And this morning I got coffee.
I'm glad the MRI's behind me.