March 21st, 2005

Cut cuddle and be Cute

God is Good

All the time!
Wow, this was an amazing weekend! I feel like I've been on the mountain top!
We didn't get a snow day on Friday, but I did get a carmel vanilla latte. I went through the school day, sort of ticked off that there wasn't a snow day. Took a quiz, watched a movie or two and took notes and researched. Just the usual stuff.
Then, I went home. I packed quickly, bringing only what I actually needed, no more, no less. Got the stuff together for the dog and myself, got some books to read and headed for church. Fed Julio at church.
We all piled into big blue, and I chatted with a friend.
We went to Old Country Buffet for dinner which was okay. I was already getting tired though. When we got to the hotel, we got settled, and I was happy to find that the rooms were big and we weren't crowded. I was able to "organize" my stuff in a way that worked for me and everyone else too.
Friday night's large group was cool. I was having trouble getting into it though. Peder Eide led us in worship, which rocked of course. That helped. I was tired. The speaker talked about us and how we need to be who God created us to be. Not worrying about who we weren't. He talked about the story of David and Galliath and how Galliath didn't wear the armor of the king because he wasn't the king. I always thought it was too big, but his explanation made sense. One of the cool moments was when Peder Eide talked about how his kids can ask him to hold them, and no matter how messy they are, he'll hold them. He told us that that's how God feels about us. I spent a lot of time just worshiping my Savior with that.
My friend/room mate and I spent some time laughing at stuff, but we weren't laughing when she recieved a call at 4:55 in the morning. Oh well, that's life!
Saturday was absolutely amazing! We started the morning with great breakfast. Carmel rolls, bacon, hash browns, chocolate chip muffins and coffee with French vanilla creamer. Good stuff. The large group was great, and the speaker read us the story of Alexander and the Terrible Horrible no Good Very Bad Day. Then she talked about hope and how her favorite words in the Bible are "But God". Basically, things can be bad, But God is good. But God has redeemed us. She talked about clinging to the But God part, for just one more moments, and that will give the strength for another and another and another...
My first workshop was about knowing what we can control, and what we can't. Then it broke up into groups and we talked about ways to improve our youth groups.
Lunch was a sub sandwich which I'll admit I didn't like. Then we went to the afternoon workshop. That was on girl talk, just a chance to talk about whatever was on our minds.
After that, I went shopping with a friend. Got some of those gourmet suckers which broke my $20 bill so I could get a Coke to drink. Then we found this Guardian Angel bear. It's peach, which I can see, it's soft and lovable too. We went back to the room and played with and fed Julio.
Dinner was spaghetti, and it was good. Had more coffee, because at this point, I was dragging!!
Before large group, we grabbed a Peder Eide CD, then sat down. Worship was amazing! At one point, Peder told us to talk to God, tell Him whatever we wanted to tell Him, ask Him whatever we wanted to ask Him. I knew I was struggling with a lot of stuff, and this weekend, I slowly worked through it. I finally came to the point that I admitted that I was angry about my foot, maybe even agry at God. I've been trying to hide it for so long. I think people are surprised when I get angry, and I just figured I had no right to be angry, so I kept pushing it aside. I finally just told God honestly that I was angry. That helped a lot. After that point, I felt much much lighter. It takes a lot for my eyes to produce tears, and they didn't then, but I still believe I was crying.
The sermon was about something… Let me think… I know it was good, but for the life of me… Help!!!! Can someone who was there help me???? I'm having a major brain fart.
Okay, so then I talked to Peder for a while, and he remembered me from before which rocked! I also bought a T-shirt that's awesome.
Our bishop spoke at Communion. She talked about being stuck in a rock and a hard place and how God makes a way through.
Communion was good, but I can't believe this year's my last one! That's sad! I had some good talks which made me laugh and think at the same time.
Bed never felt so good though. I slept soundly.
I woke up on Sunday morning wondering if I'd done anything stupid. This isn't abnormal for me. Especially when I've been up late.
Breakfast wasn't very good, but hey, it was food. We were sitting on the floor though.
Large group was good too. Then we headed home. Stopped at Burger King for lunch.
Last night, the family went to Applebees. Good food that!
This morning, the pain in my foot was my alarm clock as usual. But I'm happy and I feel more free than I have in a while.
Today holds an acupuncture appointment, but even though I'm scared, I'm clinging to the promises I learned at UMYS.
Well, I should go do something like relieve Julio. Speaking of Julio, he was so good!! He really made the weekend easier. I didn't have to go sighted guide to save time. He even walked by one of those rolling food carts filled with bacon at his level and didn't do anything. He did take a lick off the coffee cake I was gonna have for breakfast while I was sitting on the floor yesterday though. It reaffirmed that Julio and I are getting better as a team. That helped a lot!
Also, I felt a lot less self conscious this time around. I ate what I wanted without worrying how I was doing.
What a magnificent weekend!!
Cut cuddle and be Cute


Well, it wasn't bad at all. It was actually pretty pleasant. I guess my eastern civ teacher can give me a big "I told you so!" It didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would. I think I fell asleep.
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