March 13th, 2005

Cut cuddle and be Cute


Fun things I did this weekend:

  • Had Chipotle with spuds16

  • Helped begin to carry out a basic idea that I wanted to (can't share more yet.)

  • Went to Car Care.

  • Had coffee from Kodiak.

  • Went to Eagle Brook for a church service last night.

  • Got Boston Market for dinner last night.

  • Went to church.

  • Heard a great testimony (or two!)

  • Went shopping for dog food and a tug ring.

  • Had some great obedience oppertunities (including a whining dog.)

  • Played tug of war with a certain yellow lab in a parking lot.

  • Had lunch at Olive Garden.

  • Took a nap

The not so fun thing was that I went shoe shopping, and I'm sore right now. Other than that, I'm happy.