December 3rd, 2004

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Been a while?

I'm too lazy to look up when I last wrote, so people can just guess when that was. I've been busy learning C++ stuff. And psychology stuff, and writing journalism stuff and learning French stuff.
I must admit, though, that I'm a little bored learning about Joan of Arc.
I haven't gotten my ACT scores back, and I wish I would. I know, I know, quit worrying... but I'm not the smartest high school student on the planet, and the higher the scores, the better chance i have for cash in the form of scholarships.
In other news, it was recently brought to my attention that Grandma's reading this journal. So welcome her please! I hope this is easier to read!
Tomorrow is the Michael W. Smith, Point of Grace and Katina's concert. I'm so psyched for it!
Recently, I've been trying to process the things that happened to me this summer. All the life changes and things I learned have made it somewhat difficult to figure out how to fit last summer into this year.
But one thing I know, there was a definite purpose to it. And I'm learning what is.
I'm still feeling kind of nasty, and sometimes feel really numb. Not physically, with tendinitis, you don't have numbness without novacaine. But sometimes I am so crabby. I'm sure it's just my teenage self shining forth.
I'm surprised at how much better writing this down makes me feel!
I need to reply to some comments.
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Cut cuddle and be Cute

Aren't we all not surprised now?

So in psychology, we took a shyness test. The average for people our age is 33. I got a 45 (the higher the number, the more shy you are). Is that why I never initiate MSN conversations. Or at least, rarely initiate them?