October 26th, 2004

Cut cuddle and be Cute

And how was your day?

Today was stressful enough to make me cry. I can't usually say that for most days, especially since I have underdeveloped tear ducts. But today fit that bill. Way too many people have agendas for me. I'm so in the mood to say "It's my life, damn it, so just buzz off!!!!". If you're surprised I just said that, so am I. But I'm tired of people having things they want me to do. If you think I'm going through a serious of rebellions, you're right.
We did well on the ethnography. And My grad is an A minus overall. I want to do better on the next two papers.
Eastern Civ is frustrating for me. Just dealing with getting things Brailled, after the fact is really difficult for me. It makes me feel like I'm behind, and makes my grade look bad, even though it's not my fault. Senior year is stressful enough, getting the ACT done, applying to colleges, and finishing up my IEP goals and such; I don't need to deal with taking these tests outside of class and stuff on top of that.
What frustrates me is that I end up having to waste time. The time when the other students are taking the test is not able to be spent doing other things very easily.
If the grade in that class comes up in the IEP tomorrow, I will have something to say.
I just want that stupid thing to be over! I know it's there for a purpose, but for me, it's just a formality that's going to waste my time!
Okay, I've complained enough. I did discover that I can leave Julio in the room Diane and I use and go off to lunch, and he's happier.
Well, that's all. I hope other people are having better days!
Cut cuddle and be Cute

Just go to bed

I remember when I was little, and I'd throw a temper tantrum, and my parents would send me to bed. Usually, I didn't even remember what was wrong the next morning. It doesn't always work that way anymore, but I think it still might be beneficial. I can't exactly go to bed early, Julio needs me to relieve him at 9:00 P.M. sharp. But I can definitely do other things.
I can take a long bath. That might help, or at least, it'll make it easier to sleep when I do finally crash. And I can buy two new CD's, which won't change anything, but it fills my shopaholic needs when I'm stressed, and I'm pretty sure I won't regret any of the purchases. I would've bought them anyway.
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