June 2nd, 2004

Cut cuddle and be Cute

I'm still here!

Yeah, I know it's been three days sinc I last wrote, but our phone lines have been weird.
Sunday, Won, Cathy, Ellie, Erica, Christophe, Audrey and Amandine came over. We all had a good time! Amandine was so cute! I was sitting on the floor with my plate of appetizers in my lap. Amandine came over, put her hands on my legs and pulled herself up to me. Then tried to stick her hand in my plate. So with Erica's permission, I broke cheese into small pieces and let her pick it up out of my hand and eat it. But I couldn't always go fast enough for her, so she'd try to stick her hand in my plate again. It was cute!
Monday, the men went fishing. The ladies went out for lunch. It was fun, but it continued to rain. By this time, our phones had a nice buzzing sound to them, and modems couldn't connect. This is because our lines are in the ditch, so they had water in them.
Yesterday was good. I took a bus from Rosedale to 7th and Markette, and Diane and I worked on the walk from there to Block E, and topped it with a trip to the Starbucks.
We had prayer last night too.
Today was nice, school followed by shopping for some necessities.
Well, you're all up to date. I realized something today, I have exactly one month befor the ACB convention! Yay! so close, yet so far.
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