April 24th, 2004

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Two days

Well, things have been a bit crazy today, so I'm not writing on my laptop and I haven't gotten to read my friends page. (Pouts and goes prays for all her friends)
I have a YIAT meeting tonight, and I'm hoping I have the courage not to say yes if I'm nominated for secretary again this year. With all of my interests, I haven't had time to devote to YIAT as much as I'd like. And ;was a secretary is hard when you rely on other people to drive you and they're late. Granted, I understand why we were late, and I'm not ticked off about it, but it made it hard. I'd love to be a youth chaplain, but I doubt that's gonna happen. If I did, a lot of things would change. Well, maybe not, but it'd be hard to have a chaplain who hates to go up for communion. But that's another issue.
Today was okay. Need I state the obvious about my foot? I didn't think so.
I worked hard in weight training, and everyone says my technique is great! That made me feel good. I'm doing it all for the dog. I want to be strong and ready for that wonderful dog who will change so many things for me.
I posted some questions to the young adults guide dog users list (guidedog-friends). I like asking questions there because many of them are at the same point I as far as age and such. Or at least they're close. And I always have my close friends to ask questions of.
Anyway, we had a really interesting discussion about Creation after bio today. It was really a refreshing twist. It's nice to have some encouragement.
I think some of the people I was talking to will enjoy my Da Vinci Cod article.
Baxter is now afraid of laundry baskets. It's pretty amusing. What's not amusing is that he rolled in something that makes him reek! I hope someone gives him a bath!
You can all laugh at this, but I'm enjoying listening to Johny Cash sing gospel songs. It's nice that I enjoy lots of music! I can usually fit in in most settings... accept dances. I find those disorienting!!
Last night I went with Dad and some adult friends from church to see Brad Stine. He was pretty conservative, but still very very funny. I think I'm becoming more conservative, but I hope that I can be approachable with my beliefs. That's my goal anyway.
Well, for now, I'm going to close. I'll be adding to this entry as time progresses. I'm not getting home til tomorrow afternoon.
Before the meeting
We went to Applebees for dinner. That was pretty good. I should have gone with the quesadilla though.
I'm sitting here thinking about how I hope my email inbox isn't flooded by the time I get back. For some reason I always feel like I'll come back to bad news now. Maybe I've come home to one two many resignations, usually after a nice day. So I guess I'm just paranoid!
I wish things could get started! I'm already tired, and it'll only get worse as time goes on.
I told Lori that I wouldn't be running again. She seems okay with that. I really appreciate that she's so accepting of that! The truth is, that I wouldn't have said that I wasn't running if it was just for me. But I know I'm easily stressed out when I'm working on the secretarial stuff, and I'm running around like a chicken with her head cut off. I don't want to be too short with my dog, and I'm not sure that I want to deal with how stressed I'd and be getting used to my dog.
Also, I don't want to deal with being secretary and explain the don't touch thing with my dog.
I also found out that we're using a written ballot, which actually makes my job easier.
Before the morning meeting
Elections went okay, although we're not done yet. But I haven't pulled out my hair yet.
I try not to stress out about all of this stuff but it's not working very well. I'm nervous about Tuesday. Getting used to a new doctor is tough for me, and somewhat frightening.
I'm also very frustrated with myself. Why is it I put a positive spin on things when I'm with church people? I act like it's all good when it's not also so easy. I don't ask for prayer when I know I need it.
The NHS ceremony is something I guess I should be excited about, but I'm not so focused on it as I wish I were. If I focused on it, I wouldn't think about the other stuff.
It's almost time for the meeting to start, so I should go for now.
On the ride down
I'm tired, which shouldn't surprise anyone. I had to leave in the middle of elections, and we're still gonna be late for the meeting. I feel bad about that, but what can you do? This is why I'm stepping down. I'm not giving either organization my best this way right now. So I'll step down now.
After the ACBM meeting
This meeting went really really well! At least compared to dealing with 100 junior high and high school students. Although there was quite a bit of confusion, I learned a lot and it was pretty civil. At times I was extremely frustrated with some members, but I try to be understanding about it.
There are definitely some very cool things going on with ACBM right now! I think that's the beauty of ACB. Even though ACB is struggling, Minnesota is alive and well!
I'm pretty tired! My legs are Shaky, but I've had a lot of fun!
I had a lot of fun, and hopefully a good night's sleep will make me feel better.
Well, I'm out!
Current mood: exhausted
Current music: NewsBoys live CD I bought at the concert