April 2nd, 2004

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Red letter day!

Today was a Red Letter Day. One of those days that feels like a gift from God and it's not difficult to be grateful for. I didn't sleep well last night, but I'm so tired now I'm hopingg I'll sleep better tonight.
I got up and went to the chiropractor's office with Mom although it's not my week to go in. Nothing new there accept for the fact that I sat and read some of my morning devotions. I read one that started out using a bozo criminal story. I like this particular writer because he presents the Truth clearly, doesn't gloss over it, isn't ashamed of it, but he's not afraid to laugh to get his point across.
Then mom and I went to Kodiak and I had a banana chocolate chip muffin and a vanilla latte. We continued reading Glorious Appearing which is a great book!
On the way down, I started reading my scripture for the day. (You may be surprised at how many devotions I read in a day. I think it helps me focus on God, and they all come in Email which I download on the BrailleNote so it comes anywhere.) The passage for today is Exodus 8-10. I was reading about all of the plagues God put on the Egyptians, and I was surprised to see that there was a plague of goats. Well, I'll admit, I really have been bad this past year about reading the Bible, and it was only a few verses sometimes, so I could have been rusty. I asked mom what the deal with the plague of goats was and she was as confused as I was. So I read her the verse in question (Exodus 8:16). As I'm reading it I disolve into laughter! It was gnats!! Gnats, not goats!
For those who don't read Braille, I'll try to explain. Braille is written in cells. Each cell has a maximum of six dots. They're arranged like the number six on a dice. It's two columns of three. Going down the left is dot 1, dot 2, and dot3. Going down the right is dot 4, dot 5, and dot 6. An n in Braille is dots 1345. And an O is 135. So I'd just missed the dot 4.
I went to Erica's, and we hung out. I hadn't seen her since Christmas!
Audrey and Amandene are so cute. And they can do so much! In the morning we spoke a lot of French. Chantal called and I talked to her some. I did better than I expected.
Erica had some French Braille books that I'm able to understand some of. They're from an institute for the blind, and they sent a New Years card. I could almost read the whole thing by myself!
We went to uptown for lunch, and I think that may be a possible fun place for me when I have my dog and need to walk.
I'm still full from lunch, and the great walk felt nice! We finished it off with a stop at Starbux.
Now I'm tired, but happy!
There's some negative stuff going on in ACB, and I don't know how to make it better. But I can't think about that now.
It's a beautiful day!
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