December 23rd, 2003

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Fun fun fun!

Yesterday was a cool day. I'm slowly becoming more quoherent again. spuds16 had a dinner party at our house, and a bunch of our friends were there, including livefreely
It was fun, but with the furniture moved around, I was tripping. I felt pretty stupid. I still struggle to feel okay asking for help, and struggle to get useful information out of family members. I don't blame anyone but myself. If I had been thinking, I would have tried to get someone to tell me where things were beforehand, but part of that I know is that things change so fast. I did better than usual, and didn't sink into the "I'm not eating 'cause I'll look stupid thing." For that, I'm happy!
Baxter is being a puppy, and that can be annoying, but at least he hasn't peed on the Christmas tree we got on Sunday! I feel really good about my chances of getting a Guide Dog, and it will be very challenging I'm sure, but I know it'll work out.
Tomorrow, we're going to have Christmas Eve dinner with friends and on Thursday, we'll probably open presents in the morning, and I think Dad wants to serve dinner at a shelter.
I'm very excited, and hopeful that this holiday season will bring joy to everyone.
I'm writing the Christmas story from the perspective of a blind shepherd, which is interesting, but I'm going really slow.
I'm tired, so I'm gonna go. Hopefully, I'll get spuds16 to take me out to get lunch. And then we'll bring food to Mom who's volunteering at the church office. Maybe then I can get some winter gloves since Baxter likes my old ones so much.
I'm planning to make cookies if I can get the ingredients and convince Mom to help me find the stuff until I can get them to adapt the kitchen. But really, it hardly makes sense since I'll be leaving in a year and a half. At least I think I'm getting a cookbook for the George Forman grill for Christmas, and I won't burn my hands since I have the Ove Gloves from michael_m
Maybe today I'll make some calls to wish everyone a happy holiday. But knowing my procrastination, probably not. I need to get up and get going.
Well, that's really all for now!

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