December 7th, 2003

Cut cuddle and be Cute

A possibly more quoherent entry

Yeah, it's me. Again. Livin' it up or something. I'm so not awake it's sad. Here's the run down.
Friday I descovered that if iI walk fast for an hour, my foot either becomes numb from the cold or something or it gets endorphins to it and they relieve the pain. I'm starting to get the attitude of "I am blind traveler! See me walk." As I take back my route and say "I own this, so I win!" Anyway, slept well Friday night.
Saturday, I had dad take me on the route. Basically he was supposed to keep me from getting killed by car. He decided to take me to a spot on my route and say "Where are you?" I could have killed him! But I didn't. Eventually, I got it. We found the talking atm which is inside the bank, but accessible 24/7. Dad was surprised at how well I kept my orientation. I ended up taking a nap, then we went to the Michael W. Smith, Point of Grace and Katinas concert. It was awesome! Hearing 15000 people singing Hark The Harold Angels Sing is just too cool! It kicked butt! And he read the Christmas story. It was an awesome concert.
By the time I got home, I was so tired, I was dizzy.
Today in Sunday school, we talked about love. The romantic kind. Not going there. Good sermon in church. Going now to chat online!
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