September 19th, 2003

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Hunger, nerves and pain.

Well, today is the "day of reckoning." Today we see if I have RDS. I hope they can figure out what it is. Yesterday a well meaning kid at school said "I hope you don't have it." In a weird way, I do. If I do, we know what it is and can treat it. What would be cool is if I was healed by the injection. I don't know if it will happen, but with God all things are possible.
I didn't go to school because I'm not able to eat, and I need to drink up until 10. We're only allowed to have water in the classes, but I needed juice. I'm trying to keep myself as hydrated and well nutrified as possible. Yes, I know nutrified isn't a word, but I don't care.
I'm a little less nervous, but not much. I'm sure it'll be okay.
On another note I got a new CD. It's really good! It has some of my favorite songs on it, including two from Jinni Owens. She's really good, and I didn't even know she's blind until someone told me. If she comes here in concert, that would make me very happy. Her song "I AM" really helped me last year on ASP.
Anyway, gotta go work on homework!


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Cut cuddle and be Cute

Praise God!!

The injection went extremely well!! When we talked to the doctor, he suggested a less freaky procedure. He suggested an anchle block. Basically, they inject some local anesthetic and steroid into my anchle in a half circle pattern. He said he'd prefer to do that rather than make me go under sedation. So we did it. It wasn't bad at all. He and the nurse and I discussed school for the 5 minutes it took. Then I went into recovery for about a half hour. There I ate graham crackers and apple juice and had my blood pressure taken every ten minutes. It really wasn't so bad. And the best thing? It feels so much better. It's sore around the injection site, but that's okay. Right now it's a bit numb, but that's okay. It'll get better hopefully. It feels so good not to hurt all the time! Something about chronic pain made me feel so bad! ALSO GOOD NEWS: We have a new dog, his name is Baxter. He's a black lab mixed with border Colly. He's 3 months old and sweet!
Maybe things are looking up! I'm praying for a complete healing, and thanking God that I remained calm today!!

Well I'm going to go play with Baxter and do some other stuff!


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