September 4th, 2003

Cut cuddle and be Cute

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Yesterday after writing that entry, I found a book about dealing with the grief of losing a pet. It made me feel less like an idiot for feeling this way, but it also made me cry, but more on that later. After I found the book, I ate some chocolate cake, but even though intellectually I know it was good, I didn't care. Then I read, but I don't really remember what right now, then took my Tylinol PM and went to bed. Woke up at four, started the book, cried a lot. Got up and ready for school. Had a fairly good day I guess. Missed the bus. Was able to explain to my dean why I like being at school better than at home without breaking down in a passing conversation. Talked to other people, don't remember who right now. Was reminded not to stress out by my former MicroSoft Office teacher. He knows me well, or is it that obvious? Bugged my A.P. History teacher from last year a bit. Found my friend Dana. We studied together. Got my work done. Mom came and got me. I tried to nap in the car. Didn't really succeed. The closer we got to home, the sicker I felt. My heart started beating faster and I was shaking. Not to mention that I felt nausiated. Checked my email. Laid on the couch with my BN. Finally got myself under control. Hopefully I can get a full night's sleep! Now you're up to date.

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