August 30th, 2003

Cut cuddle and be Cute

I Got a new client finally!

Well, I like the client "lochjournal" so far. I think that's the one I had on deadjournal, when I did that. It's very JFW friendly. I've got several little updates for this thing, so here goes!
The lesson went well. I got to use an APS, and work on some interesting sidewalks. The cool thing is that Diane gave me a loner BrailleNote, so I won't be having as much difficulty keeping up with school work. It's got the upgrade that I'm getting, and I've already pretty much learned the browser, so it looks like there will be a non existant learning curve when mine comes back.

Other than that, not much. I'm hoping this client will let me work off line. Thanks to rangoon
For the idea of writing on the bus!


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