August 14th, 2003

Cut cuddle and be Cute

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Yesterday I went to 7-11 like I planned. It was hard, because the group was playing basketball and volleyball. I wasn't good at it before because I'm blind and only have light perception, but with the boot, there was no way!! Some of the girls were talking, bbut I'm terrible at girl talk, especially when the group looks at pictures or talks about movies and music. Since I listen pretty much only to christian music, I have no idea about other stuff. Then the group started watching "A Guy Thing" there were some interesting one liners in it, but some of it was visual. Then Dee and I left because she has to work today. That was fine with me.
I did get cell phone numbers from a lot of people, and we're going to a relient k concert in October.
Well, I'm going to go research the girls of Grace thing that's coming in October. TTYL!


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