August 5th, 2003

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Here it comes! The long one!

Hey Everyone!
Well, I didn't actually drop off the face of the earth. I'm alive, and sort of well. I'm basically going to run down the entire last month or so for you all in less detail than I'd like, but hopefully enough detail to tell you how cool it was!
The American Council of The Blind convention in Pitsburgh Pensilvania was really cool! I loved seeing so many fun blind people. I loved the personal interaction. I wasn't forced to sit at home having nothing to do but tell everyone facts about my life in my live journal and read. While I think those things are important, too much alone time is really annoying.
I loved being able to go to breakfast or lunch or dinner with other people, have a meaningful conversation and do so many things I've wanted to for so long. I roamed the exhibit hall for hours even though it killed my foot. I went to classes and learned a lot of cool things. I laughed with people. I learned a lot of things that will help me when I go to college. I took risks. I made it.
Some chalenges:

  • Flying alone for the first time

  • Orienting around the hotel

  • Being in a strange city

  • Learning when to ask for help

  • Dealing with pain

Some accomplishments:

  • Making it through the flight without a relative

  • Learning to not let my blindness get in my way of getting something to eat that I wanted

  • Helping Marlaina teach some of her classes

  • Getting the books I wanted

Some fun things I did:

  • Meeting some "internet friends" and having a lot more in common than I thought

  • Being able to take a Juno walk and deciding that I will get a guide dog

  • Going to the NABS party and hanging out like a regular teenager even though at first I felt out of place.

  • Going off the hotel propperty to eat with new friends

  • The banquet

  • Having more Braille than I know what to do with

  • Doing water arobics

  • Trying to knit

  • Knowing that I can be part of a legacy of making the world better

There is so much more about convention, but I'm probably not going to have room to write it all, so I'll go on to sports camp.

Sports Camp was hard on my foot, but I had a great time. I loved doing physical stuff. Some how, some way I will become more physically active. It was awesome!!

And now...

For those who don't know, ASP is Apalachian Service Project. For more info, see a previous journal entry.
It was a hard week, seeing so much poverty is hard, but I really feel like I connected with people, and I hope that I gave them pride in there home.
I also really connected with my youth group. Flirtatious Nickie was back!! I'm really going to miss the seniors in a coupple weeks when they go off to college!!

Well, I should go try to do something significant with my day, I'm not sure what, but something!!


Cut cuddle and be Cute

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Well, the only significant thing I've really done is make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But that's okay, for me, that's big. A month ago I would have sat around saying I couldn't do it 'cause it'd taste nasty! Well, it sort of wasn't the best I've had, but it's food and I'm grateful!
Well, just had to share.


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