June 25th, 2003

Cut cuddle and be Cute


Well, I have no idea when I last updated was, so we'll just start somewhere.
I think i updated talking about Monday, physical therapy and such.
Yesterday I did more vacation Bible school. Then we went to subway for lunch. Then two of my friends went over to work at my friend's house, but she had to leave after a while and then there was me and Mike.
When Morgan was still there we put together a night table with two drawers. I was actually helpful! Wow! It was fun to be useful. Then Mike hung a coat hanger and Morgan helped me find a bandade 'cause I had a hangnail which was bleeding.
Then Morgan went to work at Target and Mike and I worked on putting the fusball table together. I like working with Mike because he thinks logically. A lot of what I did was handing him screws so he didn't have to keep looking for them. He was smart enough to realize that I can't see where his hand is, so he would touch my leg or hand and I could then drop the screws or bolts, nuts and washers into his palm. I also got lots of practice using a screw driver.
At lunch I had taken two extra strength tylinol and they started to where off, which is good because I could think clearly, but bad because my foot hurt like crazy!
I wore the walking boot cast type thingy, but even then, it still hurt.
After that we had ASP orientation, and since Mike's going on ASP (Obviously since we were doing the work as a fund raiser and also to help out) he drove me to church and we had orientation. Then finally my parents were done with there meeting and we went home.
Last night there was some sivere weather, but not much happened here.
I'm even more tired today than yesterday which is hard to believe considering that Kari and I could barely keep our eyes open at VBS at first, and that was after I'd had some coffee.
That's about all!

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