June 21st, 2003

Cut cuddle and be Cute

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Well, it turns out I'm not going to be helping with the deck today. They're not having kids do anything today because what they're doing is a bit too dangerous I guess. That kind of ticks me off. I want to do something other than sit around moping about the fact that my foot hurts. Then I came up with the idea to go help the Lions club with the softball games, but then I realized that my parents couldn't come get me if my foot hurt too bad. So, I'm stuck at home. Maybe I'll get up the courage to call a friend and see if they want to do something. I would hope we could go get food because as usual, I don't know where anything but ice cream is. Root beer float anyone??
But I only have one day less than two weeks until I leave for convention!! It's gonna be fun! And I can probably access food!! Yay!!!


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Cut cuddle and be Cute

Root beer floats!

Okay, my day is hitting rock bottom! The only thing I can cook is a root beer float, and I can't have that on a pretty empty stomach without making myself sick!
I am so ticked! I'm guessing it's about three miles to the town hall where the ball games are and I could get a hot dog, a coke and some chips, plus I'd get of my sorry little butt and talk to people. Everyone I called wasn't home, so I can't even talk on the phone!! No one I know very well is on messenger, and I'm sick of being alone. I swear even the dog is mocking me!!!
Cut cuddle and be Cute

Some cool stuff

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On May 20, Sparrow Records will release Smash-Ups. Featuring some of today’s top Christian artists, Smash-Ups takes the rhythm, melody, and the instrumentals
of one song and matches it with the vocals of another song to create a totally new song.

Putting two songs together to make a ‘new’ song is has become popular among DJs in the underground scene. Smash-Ups marks the first time this concept has
been executed legally. Following is a track list that will be on the new project.

Audio Adrenaline - "Get Down" vs. Steven Curtis Chapman - "Dive" vs. Grits - "All Fall Down"
dc Talk - "Colored People" vs. Newsboys - "Entertaining Angels"
Grits - "Tennessee Bwoys" vs. Switchfoot - "You Already Take Me There"
Rebecca St. James - "God" vs. Earthsuit - "One Time"
Relient K - "Pressing On" vs. tobyMac - "Yours"
The Benjamin Gate "All Over Me" vs. John Reuben "Do Not"
dc Talk - "Jesus Freak" vs. ZOEgirl "Dismissed"
Newsboys - "Shine" vs. PAX217 - "Tonight"
Steven Curtis Chapman - "Live Out Loud" vs. Out Of Eden - "River"
Carman - "Who's In The House" vs. ZOEgirl - "Even If"

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HALLELUJAHS-A Rocketown Worship collection to release June 3
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(Franklin, TN… 05/08/03) - On June 3, Rocketown Records will release a compilation album titled Hallelujahs—A Rocketown Worship Collection, which includes
11 previously recorded tracks and three new songs. Two new songs— “My Jesus I Love Thee” and “You Are My All in All”—were arranged and produced by Rocketown
Records founder and Chairman Michael W. Smith during a live recording session at a Gospel Music Week 2003 showcase at Nashville’s Rocketown teen club.
All of the artists on the Rocketown roster participated in the live recording, and each artist wrote liner notes for their songs on the album.

“Worship music is what Christian music always has been and always will be,” said Smith. “What I love about our artists at Rocketown is that they write songs
that represent what worship is about in its fullest sense, living all our lives for God. From the strains of nature heard in Chris Rice’s ‘Hallelujahs’
to the reminder that the greatest commandment is to love in Ginny Owens’ ‘I Am Nothing,’ I’ve found that this collection is music that draws my heart closer
to the Father and challenges all of us to impact our world.”
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