June 11th, 2003

Cut cuddle and be Cute

I lived!!!

Hey Everyone!
I lived. The bone scan was actually pretty easy. The injection hurt a little bit, but I've been in worse pain, and it only lasted a few seconds. Then I just had to hold still for the camera. It's kind of like an MRI, but an MRI is really loud, I guess you trade that for the injection. I won't know for a few days how it turned out.
I had to go in at 7:30 AM, and get the injection and some X-Rays taken, then leave. Then we went to Perkins again, then we bugged my youth pastor at church. Then it was back to the hospital for the final set of pictures. That was so much easier than I expected. I'm always scared of medical stuff, and I think it's like a stygma due to the surgeries I had when I was two. It wasn't that the doctors were mean at the time, but surgery on your eyes at age two isn't exactly easy!
Then mom got me lunch from MCDonalds, and we went home, but our internet line was down, so I couldn't do internet stuff all day. I was beat, so I went to bed early, but my foot woke me up again.
So now you're all up to date!
But I've been thinking about how i changed. At the hospital yesterday, instead of laying there scared, I asked more questions than I usually do. I think I'm becoming more assertive for what I need, in this case, to know what's going on.

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Cut cuddle and be Cute


Well, I just got dressed, and now need to eat. My sister called and suggested food I could try. I might try to do that, but I need to journal first. I read a book called the SisterHood Of The Traveling Pants. It was really good!
But the phone keeps ringing, and I keep hoping it's the doctor. I know it could be a couple days, but it's driving me nuts. I just hope I can deal with this.
This morning, I made a few changes to my web site.
Check it out!

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